• verb. To chew or bite on noisily.
  • verb. To chew or bite on something repeatedly.
  • noun. The act or an instance of vigorous biting.
She finished her burger with a single CHOMP.


Family friendly diner-style eating is what you will find at Chomp on the Rocks. Although we are known for our burgers, fries and shakes, we offer a wide variety of tasty eats including vegan and vegetarian options. Find us in the scenic Santa Barbara Harbor.

  • Locally Sourced

    Supporting our community by offering fresh meats, produce, dairy and coffee from local vendors. Enjoy beverages from S.B. Roasting Co., breads from Edna’s Bakery, grocery’s from Jordano’s and more.

  • Old-Fashioned Ice Creamery
    and Soda Fountain

    Offering patrons young and young at heart an ice-cream experience from the past. Our old-fashioned ice cream counter serves up shakes, malts, floats, banana-splits and more.

  • Local Craft Brew
    and Wineries

    Featuring Central Coast breweries and wineries from surrounding vineyards. Our beer and wine list maintain many fan favorites but also include seasonal selections.

Private Events


Kids and adults alike will have
a good ol’ time in our savvy
diner-style restaurant.

Santa Barbara

Rent the restaurant with full access to our
Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain or reserve our
heated state-of-the-art patio for your private event.

Inquiries and Questions

Do you have dietary concerns? Questions about booking an event? Send us a message or call, and we’ll get back to you soon.